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BAC Mono One Revealed to Send Off the First Generation Car

With a full second-generation model of the Mono on its way, Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has revealed a special final edition of the first-gen car to mark the end of production.

It’ll be called the Mono One, and it consists of just three examples, each in a different colour and sporting model-specific cosmetic items.

Each of the three cars will feature a visible carbon lower body, with carbon hybrid wheels. There’ll be special “Mono One” logos on the vehicle body, wheel and cabin, along with plaques to mark the model.

Eagle-eyed music fans will spot that the model’s logo is similar to that of Icelandic singer Bjork. That’s because the car itself is inspired by Bjork, with the original design drawing from the robots featured in the video for her All Is Full Of Love music video in 1999. Buyers will also receive a helmet based on the same design.

The three vehicles each come in a specific colour. There’s the Iconic White car, which features the original Mono’s launch colour of gloss white, and the Neon Red model which also sports bright red wheels, plus a final car finished entirely in black visible carbon – appropriately called the Carbon Black car.

Of course BAC personalises each car to each owner’s specifications in addition to the One-specific items, including the bespoke steering wheel and seat of every Mono.

Ian Briggs, co-founder and design director of BAC, comments:

“Mono One marks the end of a truly incredible era for BAC and, of course, Mono. We wanted to give Mono the perfect send-off and this car does exactly that.”

The three cars will be the final first-generation models manufactured, with the second-generation car set to start production in mid-2021.

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