Triumphs Gather at Wetherby Services for Round Britain Reliability Run

If you were on the north’s roads over the weekend, you might have seen a fleet of Triumph models passing through — twice — on the biennial Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run.

It was the 28th running of the event which dates back to 1966 and sees cars from the marque take on a 2000-mile drive around the country over a 48-hour period, and one Northern Group member was part of this year’s convoy.

The route starts at Knebworth, heading up through Yorkshire to John O’Groats. There, the Triumphs turn round and go back down the west side of the country all the way to Land’s End (a drive affectionately known as JOGLE), before meeting back up again at Knebworth two days after starting out.

Naturally that requires plenty of rest stops — both for drivers and the cars, some of which are almost 65 years old — and the fleet takes two breaks in our region. They come at Wetherby in West Yorkshire on the way up, and Tebay in Cumbria on the way down.

Of course the Northern Group member taking part this year was resident Triumph fan George Loveridge, driving his Herald.

“Frankly, it’s quite mad,” says George. “However it’s also brilliant. Heralds, TR4s, Spitfires, Toledos, 2000s, and many more, all take to a 2000-mile route around Britain over 48 hours. Personally, without an overdrive gearbox, I couldn’t cope doing nearly 5000rpm for over 48 hours!”

“It sounds like quite a challenge, however it was initially designed so a 1959 Triumph Herald 998cc could complete the run at an average of 50mph. Therefore the lads and lasses in more powerful TR7s and 2000 PIs will find it a bit ‘easier’.”

“Meeting at Wetherby Services, off the A1M, holiday makers and passing motorists got a shock when having a sip of coffee to also get ear shot of GT6s and Stags roading in to the services for a stamp of their route card.”

It’s not just a fun drive either, with every event since 1990 also acting as a charity fundraiser. To date the RBRR has raised over £800,000 for various charities and has a goal to reach £50,000 this year for the Huntington’s Disease Association (HDA).

Images provided by George Loveridge/Driving Around.