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BAC Unveils New Turbocharged Second-Generation Mono

Nine years on from the original car’s launch, BAC has revealed a second generation of its Mono supercar, which adopts turbocharging for the first time.

The engine headlines the changes, with Ford’s 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine replacing the 2.5-litre Duratec. This turbocharged unit is fettled by Mountune to produce 332hp, 27hp more than the previous car, as well as 295lbft of torque.

Importantly, that allows the Mono – despite the rather extreme looks – to meet the latest Euro 6 emissions regulations, as well as drive-by noise limits. That allows this single-seat supercar to be homologated for road use across Europe.

As well as being more powerful, the new Mono is also lighter than the original by some 10kg. That comes courtesy of the many advancements made to develop the Mono R, which find their way onto the full production model.

That means that the entire body of the Mono is made from graphene-enhanced carbon-fibre, a lighter, thinner, and stronger material than regular carbon-fibre. More than 40 components are made with 3D printing, including surrounds for the new LED lights, new mirror arms and housings, and various engine components.

Other changes made for the Mono R which carry over to the new Mono include the rear wing, wider sidepods, nose and front wheel arches, along with the lower fuel tank and repositioned battery to lower the centre of gravity. The R’s AP Racing brake calipers and carbon floor also feature on the second-generation car, with the R’s optional carbon-ceramic brakes also available.

BAC has designed new wheels for the new Mono, using an artificial intelligence-led design process known as “generative design”. Each wheel is 35% lighter than before, reducing unsprung mass.

That all adds up to a kerb weight of 570kg, with a power-to-weight ratio of 582hp/tonne, enabling the £165,950 Mono to hit 60mph in 2.7s and a top speed of 170mph. BAC plans to start production of the second-generation car in summer 2021.

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