Mazda 30th Anniversary MX-5 First Drives at Caffeine & Machine

Mazda has staged a special driving event for its new limited edition 30th Anniversary MX-5, at the Caffeine & Machine automotive destination.

Although it’s a fair distance from the Northern Group region, sitting between Royal Leamington Spa and the Cotswolds AONB, several members of the Group made the trek down to Caff&Mac, as it’s affectionately known.

At one time a regular rural pub called the Houndshill Inn, it’s been converted into a celebration of all things automotive and often stages special events for various aspects of car culture — including manufacturer events such as Mazda’s.

To mark the 30th Anniversary edition’s launch, Mazda also brought along some classic MX-5s. The highly prized 10th Anniversary Edition (10AE) model was present, as was the 25th Anniversary Edition hardtopped car. There was even an ultra-rare Le Mans Edition car in the yurt, next to a Eunos Cosmo rotary.

As for the 30AE itself, it’s available as both a regular soft top and the new RF (Retractable Fastback) body style. It only comes in one colour, Racing Orange, with model-specific and engraved 17-inch Rays wheels, and just about every standard range upgrade Mazda can throw at it.

Of the 3,000 examples that Mazda will make, 550 of them will head to the UK — which speaks to just how popular the MX-5 is on our shores, considering we have 1/15th the population of Japan, the USA, and Europe combined.

We’ll add links to our members’ impressions when we receive them.

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