Big Tarraco: UK First Drives of SEAT’s Seven-Up SUV

Northern Group members were among the first journalists in the UK to drive SEAT’s new seven-seat Tarraco SUV.

The Tarraco sits at the top of SEAT’s SUV range, above the Ateca and the smallest Arona model. Keeping with brand tradition, it’s named for the Spanish city of Tarragona, just down the Catalan coast from SEAT’s home city of Barcelona. In fact the name “Tarraco” was the winner of an online competition to decide the car’s name.

Although not exactly a Northern location, the event did have strong representation from the Group’s members, past and present. The venue was the Amber Lakes, a nature reserve so close to Heathrow Airport’s runways that you can practically touch the planes as they skirt overhead.

We’ll bring you the thoughts and reviews of NGMW members as they arrive.

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