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Northern Group Welcomes Motoring Podcast’s Andrew Clews

The Northern Group of Motoring Writers has welcomed another new member, with Andrew Clews formally accepted into the Group.

Andrew is the latest new admission to the Group following a change to the Constitution at the 2021 AGM.

Where previously the requirement has been for members to primarily publish automotive topics in written form — print or digital — the rule now allows for “new media”, recognising the considerable and often written preparation that goes into creating audio and video automotive content.

That means the Group can now accept applications from prospective new members like Andrew, who has co-presented The Motoring Podcast since 2015 alongside fellow founder Alan Bradley.

In case you’re not familiar with the concept of podcasts, they are essentially pre-recorded radio shows that you don’t need to tune the wireless into in order to listen. The Motoring Podcast is available on popular podcast services — Apple iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast — and you can listen on the duo’s website too.

Variously described as “the Hinge and Bracket” or “Statler and Waldof” of the motoring world, the Motoring Podcast has a show up every week as well as the occasional special edition. There’s also a blog section too.

Nonetheless, there’s a good chance that Andrew is the first member whose voice you’ll be more familiar with than his face. That will come in handy given the sheer number of Andrews now in the Group.

NGMW welcomes Andrew Clews to the Group, and hopefully we’ll be seeing him more than hearing him in the near future.

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