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Northern Group Welcomes New Members Annabelle and Ben Quirk

The Northern Group of Motoring Writers has expanded its membership, with two new recruits for the price of one — and inducting our first YouTubers in the process.

Annabelle and Ben Quirk come as a single package, with both being behind the PlanetAuto YouTube channel.

There’s a very good chance you’ll have seen the Quirks over the last couple of years because, as near as we can tell, they’ve been everywhere.

PlanetAuto has hundreds of videos even looking at just the last 12 months, covering every aspect of the motoring sphere, from classics to modern EVs, car museums and shows, and even the occasional automotive adventure. We’re surprised they had time to fill in the forms!

As YouTubers, Annabelle and Ben will be the first members of the Northern Group whose medium is not primarily written but video.

A recent change to the Group Constitution, discussed at the 2021 AGM, updated membership criteria to allow “new media” — such as video creators and podcasters — to join the Group.

This reflects the fact that, even though the final form may not be written copy, there’s usually a significant amount of writing in preparation, including scripts.

That means that while the Quirks may be the first to join following this change of regulations, it’s unlikely they’ll be the last.

In addition to joining the Group as members, Annabelle and Ben will also be taking care of the Group’s own YouTube channel, which you can find here.

We look forward to seeing Annabelle and Ben at future Group events and functions!

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