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Bentley Takes Snow Prisoners at the 2020 GP Ice Race

Having already proven itself in most other forms of four-wheel motorsport, Bentley is heading to an new discipline on an ice-covered runway in Austria.

The GP Ice Race is a tradition in Zell am See dating back to the 1950s — and with its roots in the Olympic event of skijoring as far back as the 1920s. Each year, up until its cancellation in the 1970s, cars and fans would gather at the airport in the Austrian town for races and time trials.

Resurrected only last year, the GP Ice Race brings together hundreds of cars from different classes for races and exhibition events, including skijoring: like waterskiing but on snow skis and dragged along by cars.

Bentley is taking part in the 2020 event with a very special Continental GT. It’s largely a factory standard W12 model, with some tweaks to account for the very slippery surface and for safety regulations.

That includes a rear rollcage and an on-board fire extinguisher system, as well as racing seats and harnesses. There’s a mild ride height lift over standard, and a slightly wider track to accommodate the studded Pirelli Scorpion Ice Zero2 tyres.

Adding to the spectacle, the Continental GT also receives a custom Akrapovic exhaust, and a roof rack that includes Lazer high performance lights and Bomber for Bentley Centenary Edition skis.

The whole vehicle wears a livery that’s very reminiscent of the Pikes Peak livery of the record-breaking Continental GT, only in an icier blue colour rather than the green.

Catie Munnings will take driving duties of the 207mph Continental GT, although with a 600m race track made out of a frozen, snow-covered runway it’s unlikely the Bentley will reach these speeds. She’ll also be towing skier Sven Rauber for the skijoring event.

GP Ice Race 2020 takes place on February 1st and February 2nd.

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