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Ginetta’s Supercar Revealed in Full — Except for the Name

Leeds-based Ginetta has revealed its new supercar, barely a month after announcing its existence.

The car will make its full public debut at the Geneva International Motor Show next week, where Ginetta will also reveal one more important detail: its name!

Even without a name, the car boasts some impressive specifications. The lightweight, fully carbon-fibre monocoque weighs in at just 1,150kg dry, with a 600hp, in-house developed V8 and nearly 400kg of downforce at 100mph.

Ginetta’s developed the supercar as a blank-sheet design, but it takes considerable inspiration from the company’s LMP1 race car. This includes the carbon-fibre tub and body panels, but also the impressive rear wing. Clever body ducting and a large diffuser also contribute to that downforce figure.

The engine is an aluminium, naturally aspirated and dry-sumped 6-litre V8. It’s a Ginetta-developed engine, mounted ahead of the driver but so far back in the chassis that Ginetta refers to it as a “mid-mid” engine. The entire block sits beneath the windscreen, allowing free rein for the front suspension, steering and aerodynamics.

This drives a six-speed, paddle-shift gearbox, via a carbon propshaft. Ginetta has also designed this, in conjunction with a UK-based gearbox manufacturer. The drivetrain layout helps give the unnamed car a 49:51 front-rear weight distribution.

There’s pushrod-activated, double-wishbone suspension at all four corners, again derived from the LMP1 car. In the cabin you get an LMP1-style carbon-fibre steering wheel — the steering is hydraulic-assisted rather than the more common electric — and an adjustable pedal box. That’s useful as you can’t adjust the seats, which are custom-fit and moulded into the chassis.

The wheels are also a Ginetta design, coming in at 19 inches on the front with 20-inch rear wheels. These cover the giant carbon ceramic brake discs.

Customers ordering the Ginetta supercar will get to specify all the finer details. This includes creature comforts like heated seats, wireless phone charging and parking sensors and camera. There’s even a 675-litre boot, which Ginetta says is down to the compact drivetrain.

As well as the name, Ginetta is yet to reveal the price. However, this is likely to be around £400,000 as the company’s chairman, Lawrence Tomlinson, has identified this as the market position for the vehicle.

Ginetta plans a rather low output, of around 30-50 cars per year. The first year production run will be just 20 cars, and it’s already received orders for 60% of the build slots.

Attendees at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show will get to see the car in the metal — or rather carbon. In the meantime, you can see the car’s shakedown at Blyton Park in the video below:

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