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Made in Leeds: The £340,000 Ginetta Akula Supercar

Gosforth-based sports car manufacturer Ginetta has officially unveiled its new supercar at the Geneva Motor Show — and finally given it a name!

Following a teaser reveal last week, Ginetta has taken the cover off the car, which it will call “Akula”. This is the Russian word for “shark”, and also the name of two different classes of nuclear-powered submarines operated by the Russian navy. Further reinforcing the maritime theme, Ginetta painted the car it revealed at Geneva in Typhoon Black — Typhoon being the NATO name for Russia’s Akula-class subs.

Akula sports an in-house developed, 575hp V8 engine, in the front, although Ginetta mounts it so far back it’s almost in the vehicle cabin. Together with a weight of under a tonne, and LMP1-derived aerodynamics, it ought to be a pretty potent machine.

Each car comes in at £340,000 on the road, with a limited run for the first production year of just 20 units. Ginetta reports that it has already sold 60% of these before even unveiling the car’s existence last week.

The purchase price doesn’t just net customers a car either. There’s a whole brand experience via the Ginetta supercar programme. This gives buyers some track time in a whole variety of Ginetta models, up to the G58 prototype racer.

Ginetta’s chairman, Lawrence Tomlinson, commented:

“We’re a small company but we pack a punch, and our customers should be the ones who truly benefit from that. We compete with other manufacturers on the race track, but with our supercar we’re offering something different and aimed at those who want a true connection with the brand that built their car.

“Whether it be taking to the track in a G58 or making your bespoke specification choices with us at the factory, Akula owners will be truly involved in all things Ginetta.”

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