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Andy Harris Re-Elected Northern Group Chair

Northern Group chairman Andy Harris has been re-elected into the position for another 12 months at the Group’s Annual General Meeting.

Andy initially became chairman in 2019, succeeding Julie Marshall to the post, and was asked to remain on in 2021.

Ordinarily the Group chairman would remain in the role for two years before being succeeded by the vice-chairman or another candidate as proposed by and voted in by the Group.

However Andy’s stewardship has been far from ordinary. The world all-but shut down from February 2020, with the UK itself entering a lockdown in March 2020, nine months into Andy’s chairmanship.

While there has been a steady return to normalcy over the past year, it’s hardly been a representative two-year spell in the role for our chairman.

The general consensus of the Group was that, with all the disruption over the past two years, Andy should continue as the Group’s chair through the next 12 months. In addition, the Group’s other officers were also re-elected.

Of course despite the mayhem of the 2020s, the Group has strengthened under Andy’s direction, increasing our numbers with new members from different areas of automotive media, and growing our own social media channels too.

Andy’s re-election means that he will continue to serve as chairman into the Northern Group’s 50th anniversary year.

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