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Ginetta Launches New North America Base

Leeds-based sports and race car manufacturer Ginetta has opened a new arm of the company in Virginia, to serve customers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

Ginetta North America will be based at South Boston, with a 60,000sqft facility that will act as a manufacturing, sales, distribution, and engineering centre, allowing Ginetta to support customers in North America locally rather than from the UK headquarters near Leeds.

In order to support the expansion into North America, Ginetta has acquired TMI AutoTech. The company specialises in automotive engineering and low-volume vehicle manufacturing, and has been producing the Atom and Nomad models for fellow British marque Ariel.

That will enable Ginetta to construct and service cars for the North American market, including the new G56 GTA, a road legal version of the G56 GT4 race car. This swaps a 270hp Ford V6 in for the 6.2-litre Chevrolet V8, but is otherwise barely different.

Ginetta has one eye on the motorsports scene in North America too, and the new base will also allow it to stage events like the Ginetta GT4 Supercup and Ginetta GT5 Challenge across the Atlantic in the future too.

There’s no word yet whether Ginetta plans to support an LMP3 race program in North America, such as in the IMSA Prototype Challenge, or bring the Akula supercar across the pond.

Lawrence Tomlinson, chairman of Ginetta, commented:

“We have a loyal customer base in the Americas that we have supported up until now from our HQ in England. With the creation of Ginetta North America, we will be able to provide our North American customers with a whole new level of support and service on the ground here in the US.”

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