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BAC Reveals New More Powerful and Lighter Mono R

Liverpool’s Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has revealed a second generation of its single-seater supercar, the BAC Mono R.

The R enhances the Mono in all departments, with every body panel redesigned, new lightweight materials in the suspension, body, and exhaust, and even more power from the Ford-derived Mountune engine.

That 2.5-litre Duratec engine now has a larger bore and shorter stroke, as well as a new billet crankshaft, new throttle body, and new cylinder head, increasing the engine’s redline by 1,000rpm. Along with a new, Formula Ford-inspired ram-air pod, the Mono R now produces 340hp. That makes it the highest specific output naturally aspirated engine in the world.

BAC has worked with Midlands-based composite companies Haydale and Pentaxia to develop a new graphene-enhanced carbon fibre. This material is stronger, lighter, and thinner than regular carbon-fibre, and it’s used for every body panel on the Mono R.

All of the car’s surfaces have been redesigned, to improve aerodynamic efficiency, with the car now sitting 20mm lower than before. There’s wider sidepods, a larger rear wing, new mirrors, and LED lighting front and rear.

In addition, BAC employs 3D printing for many components to save even more weight. There’s new carbon-ceramic brakes, with lighter brake calipers from AP Racing, a titanium exhaust system, a new carbon floor, and extensive use of magnesium in the chassis and transmission.

That all drags the car’s weight down to 555kg, 25kg less than the regular Mono, giving a power-to-weight ratio of 612hp/tonne.

The weight balance has also been improved, to lower the centre of gravity and front/rear weight distribution. This includes new suspension geometry, a lower – and larger – fuel tank, and a repositioned battery.

Along with new Pirelli Trofeo R tyres and two-way adjustable Ohlins dampers, the result should be one of the quickest ways of getting round any race track.

BAC will show the Mono R for the first time at the Goodwood Festival of Speed later this month, but the full production of 30 cars, at £190,950 each before personalisation options, has already sold out.

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