SMMT Test Day 2019

Northern Group members have again made the long trek down to Bedford for the annual Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Test Day at Millbrook Proving Ground.

The SMMT Test Day is a great opportunity for motoring writers from all over the country to gather, gossip, and even drive some cars around.

More than 20 manufacturers bring their vehicles and press offices to the event each year, with more than 100 cars available throughout the day.

This year, to mark the 40th anniversary of the SMMT, there was also a special heritage display with 40 cars from across the industry body’s history.

The Millbrook venue provides a chance to drive some of these cars at a location where they are commonly tested before going on sale. It features a number of different driving routes, designed to challenge vehicles as part of their pre-production engineering.

Of course some of the facilities aren’t open for the events of the Test Day, but attendees can still drive the cars on the Hill Route, the City Course, the Off Road Course, and the famous high-speed bowl.

In addition some cars can be taken out onto the public roads for a short test route around nearby Ampthill.

Despite the considerable drive down from our region, with some members needing a ten-hour round trip, NGMW always puts in a good showing — and 2019 was no exception!

Alongside the main Test Day, SMMT will also be holding its two regional test days later this year.

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