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Fresh Faces: New Members Join the Northern Group

After the fun of the off-roading day, NGMW members held the Autumn ordinary general meeting at the Coniston Hotel.

High up the order of business was a vote on potential new members. Two writers from the region had applied to join the group, both hailing from the south-western reaches of our area.

The first is Ben Harrington, a former firefighter from Cheshire. Ben runs his own motoring site,, and has been writing about cars for almost ten years.

Freelancer James Fossdyke is another Cheshire lad, and will be a familiar face to many of us from launches and events. If you can think of a motoring outlet, James has probably written for it at one point or another — and if the Northern Group ever sets up a football team, he’d be a handy ringer for the goalkeeper position.

After a suitable review of their bodies of work, and satisfied that the duo meets the standards of earning a living as writers, the Group voted to admit both members to its ranks.

Also re-joining the Group is Graham Courtney. Graham is a familiar face to many members, as he’s been part of the group for periods since 1987, also serving as vice-chairman in 1996.

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