Ben Quirk

With Manx family blood and Northern roots, Ben received an HND Diploma in Multimedia, Web Design and Video Editing from Teesside University. Ben has always had a love of cars, and throughout his career as a web designer, he was always creating content that was inspired by this love.

As times changed (and double-dip recessions bit) Ben made a move to work on projects that excited and challenged him, and the move was made to create quality content and produce video reviews. Although the website was born in 2005 as a repository for car knowledge, Planetauto was re-invented at the beginning of 2017 as a YouTube channel. The focus was on content creation and the production of video media, and broadcasting from automotive shows and festivals in order to provide live access.

Since the Planetauto Channel was launched, the team have celebrated some amazing achievements, including attending some of the greatest automotive events in the UK and working with many car manufacturers, reviewing some of their best-selling models. It was time to celebrate seeing the channel hit the ten-thousand subscribers level.

In 2021, Ben was accepted into the Northern Group of Motoring Writers as one of the very first YouTubers for the Northern Group, and has been instrumental in creating a YouTube channel for the NGMW.

Contact email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Planetauto
YouTube: @Planetauto