Annabelle Quirk – Vice Chair

Born and raised in Cardiff, Annabelle started her career in customer services and the promotions industry, making the most of her natural abilities and honing her hospitality skills.

Annabelle is now capitalising on her ability to use these skills to help co-manage Planetauto’s calendar of events, reviews and content creation. She holds a BA (Hons) in English, and a PRINCE2 Certificate, which gives her the communication skills and knowledge to successfully manage the logistics of all that goes into running Planetauto.

Before stepping into a more active role for Planetauto, Annabelle spent the previous fifteen years working with a diverse range of clients as an executive education programme manager – LVMH, Emirates, GSL, BP, Co-op Bank, Uncommon Leaders, London Business School, Duke Corporate Education, and Imperial Business School. Given her skills, Annabelle has the ability to work within many different facets of quality content creation.

In 2021, Annabelle was accepted into the Northern Group of Motoring Writers as one of the very first YouTubers for the Northern Group.

Contact email: [email protected]
Twitter: @Planetauto
YouTube: @PlanetautoUK