Andy Harris

My love of cars began as a very small boy and continues unabated to this day. A successful career in the property industry was enjoyed but undoubtedly something was missing.

So when a good friend began as Editor for The Yorkshire Times I asked if I could pen a few property- and car-related articles. What began as an enjoyable sideline, now dominates my working life and I like to think I have helped the paper to grow its readership with my words of wisdom.

That paper has been so successful that regional versions for Lancashire, Cumbria, and the North East now exist, ensuring that there is always plenty to keep me busy. There are more papers in the pipeline too, with a rapidly growing readership the driving force.

I am pleased to be both motoring and property editor, and I publish articles on a wide range of subjects. Car reviews tend to dominate, but no surprises there! Latterly I have formed an association with leading auction house Bonhams, where I research the history of some of the classic cars they sell, before writing detailed descriptions.

Recently I stepped down as Chairman of the Northern Group of Motoring Writers, a position I held for four years. During that time, I have promoted the group widely in the industry as well as recruiting many new members from a wide variety of backgrounds. Ever one for a new challenge, somewhat belatedly I have recently applied to join the Guild of Motoring Writers.

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