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First BAC Mono R Delivered in Unique PlayStation Livery

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) has delivered the first of its limited-run Mono R cars, sporting a custom PlayStation-inspired livery highlighting the company’s dedication to personalisation.

The Mono R is based on the first-generation Mono, but with a number of significant improvements that make it both more powerful and lighter than the regular car. BAC will only make 30 examples, all of which were sold out before it was revealed back in July 2019, before shifting to produce the second-generation car.

If that wasn’t quite enough, the unknown first Mono R customer has opted for an extremely eye-catching livery based on classic Sony PlayStation racing game WipEout.

Like the BAC Mono, WipEout hails from Liverpool, developed by Psygnosis – which later became Sony’s Studio Liverpool. The futuristic game features anti-gravity racing involving vehicles closely resembling space ships, and the Mono itself wouldn’t look particularly out of place.

Mono R #1 takes inspiration from one of the fictional race teams in the game, FEISAR. The craft use a blue, yellow, and white livery in all of the various titles in the WipEout series across the 26-year history of the game.

In order to recreate this design on the Mono, BAC met with the game’s original creator Nick Burcombe and Wipeout HD designer Eddie Wainwright. The car’s paint scheme took more than 10 days to create, and includes 400 different painted graphics.

While BAC hasn’t shared the cost of the design, it’s part of the customisation options available to those who buy a Mono. According to BAC, each and every Mono is unique, with no two customer cars sharing the same specification, as well as having a custom-fit seat and steering wheel.

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