Malcolm Bobbitt

It seems a long time ago that I had my first motoring article published. It was in Classic & Sportscar in November 1986, taking up two whole pages. I thought I had arrived on the motoring journalism scene despite my being a late starter nearing the ripe old age of 40. Since then, I have contributed to a raft of newspapers, periodicals and publications, all too many to list or even count.

My work has not only been directed to the weekly, monthly or quarterly print, but also to books, the total to date hovering around the 40 mark. Titles are diverse, from minimal motoring to the grandeur of Rolls-Royce and the sporting acumen of Bentley. On the way there has been histories of Baby Fiats; Citroën; Hillman; Rover; Volkswagen – Camper Vans, Karmann Ghia and Beetle to include the Cabriolet; British Lorries of the 1950s and 1960s; Austerity Motoring; British Police Cars and London Taxicabs. Those that stand out in my mind are biographies of W.O Bentley and Rolls-Royce at Derby plus a volume commissioned in celebration of Rolls-Royce’s 60th anniversary at Crewe.

I joined the Guild of Motoring Writers around 1998-1999, but it was not until some 11 years ago when getting to know Derrick Grocock at a Peugeot press event that my membership to the Northern Group of Motoring Writers was sealed. Today my writing is mainly involved with the classic and vintage scenes as well as histories of car makers, specific models and their personnel.

The accompanying picture dates from 2005 when my wife Jean and I took our faithful but ancient British-built Citroën DS to France in celebration of the model’s 50th anniversary.

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